Florian Lakenmacher – Managing Director / Composer

Flo is an award-winning composer and co-founder of Supreme Music. Picking up the guitar as a child, he made his way to the producer’s seat through the hip hop scene, swapping live music for a seat in the studio. Working with artists such as Azad, DAS BO, Ferris MC, Valezka, and Cassandra Steen led to chart success in Germany, after which his passion shifted towards moving images. Over the years, Florian has collected national and international awards for his work for Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and CCTV. In 2016 he was awarded the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for his song #heimkommen, written for Edeka. On top of his award recognition, Florian is regularly invited to juries such as the OneShow, ADC, and Werbefilmpreis.